One of the biggest puppy mill busts in the state of Michigan is in the spotlight again. Back in December, 2017 and March, 2018, Lenawee County Animal Control seized almost 300 animals.

At the forefront of the investigation is 54-year-old Sharon Kay Evans. She was initially charged in January, 2018 for improperly caring for the animals on her property. The animals included dogs, cats, horses, and birds.

Source: Logan’s Law/Facebook

Several animal agencies worked together to remove 200 dogs, 32 horses, five cats, and two peacocks from Evans’ property. All of the animals had no shelter and no water. There were 14 puppies inside Evans’ home and five puppies in a kennel barn on her property, who all lived in poor conditions.

The trial took place off and on for years, but recently Evans received her sentence. She received six months in the Lenawee County Jail with 41 days’ time served with five years of probation during which she is not allowed to own, take care of, or live with any animals.

The judge on the case, Michael R. Olsaver, shared that beyond the jail time, the most important part of the sentence was the probation term, the longest available.

Source: Sasha Sashina/Unsplash

Evans was allowed to address the court, at which point she stated, “I would never, ever, intentionally abuse an animal.”

Actual footage from the trial can be viewed in the video below.