Everest the Newfoundland was found lonely and dejected in the streets of LA. When a rescue team from Hope For Paws arrived to help him out, Everest’s eyes lit up with happiness and he immediately followed them with hope for a better life.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Everest was cleaned up of all the fleas and foxtails that had found a home in his furry coat. He was also very skinny and malnourished. As he started regaining his health in the shelter, he became everyone’s favorite gentle giant! His caretakers were quick to notice that he had a very soothing presence around people. So, when a family from Oregon enquired about a potential therapy dog in the shelter, they knew that Everest would be the perfect fit!

Everest made a journey of 1000 miles and stepped in his new home. He was instantly besotted with seeing the snow for the first time. The silly doggo just started eating it all up! His new home had two other dogs named Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde works as a therapy dog too, and looks forward to comforting sick children in local hospitals with Everest.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Everest, who is currently in training, just loves his new home. He is no longer depressed in the LA heat. He’s blossoming in the snowy kingdom and looking forward to giving back to the society for his rescue. Isn’t this the perfect rescue fairy tale?

Click the video below to watch the incredibly uplifting rescue story of Everest!