If you’ve ever dropped a child off at daycare or know someone who has, this story is going to crack you up. When a doggy dad stops by the canine daycare center to pick his doggos up, the mayhem begins.

Two Siberian Huskies are seen getting into the car, followed by their dad. Like two kids who just got out of school, they are excited and wound up. It seems like they are trying to tell their dad all about their day.

Source: Rumble

“Okay happy puppies,” the man says aloud. This is, of course, preceded and followed by a whole lot of howling, talking, and chatter by the two pups.

When he asks them, “Are you ready,” those Huskies let loose. They can’t control their joy, jumping around, making noises, and maybe wanting their ‘after school’ snacks.”

Source: Rumble

Dad gets lots of kisses, even after he calls the duo ‘crazy dogs.’ You’ve got to see this for yourself. We love dog and human reunions, and this one is a fast favorite of ours.



Source: Excited Dogs Can't Contain Happiness After Doggy Daycare by codefilms