A dog on his own, sadly, is solely responsible for himself, which means he has to find enough to eat, enough to drink and a safe place to sleep. This proves nearly impossible for strays and it is a heartbreaking reminder that animals need the patience and kindness of humans to successfully survive.

An abandoned dog, exhausted from taking care of himself, looked for a comfortable place to rest his head. He had no idea that when he laid down, the spot he had chosen was covered in fresh tar. He immediately became stuck. His small body was now prisoner to the ground beneath.

Source: Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje/Facebook

He cried and barked, using all of his energy to ask for help. This time he knew he couldn’t do it on his own. Thankfully, his cries were heard by workers nearby. They tried to remove the pup themselves but they couldn’t. They called Joanna Godlewska from the Niczyje Animal Foundation and asked for her to come. She, of course, did.

Source: Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje/Facebook

Freeing the dog proved difficult. If they pulled too hard, they could injure him further. The local fire department came to help. This rescue would be a team effort for sure!


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