Everyone has their own niche that they’re good at. Not every person is going to be great at every career.

The same goes for dogs. Not every dog is cut out to be a service dog, and that’s ok!


There are many puppies who go into training to become a service dog, and don’t quite make it. But this has nothing to do against the pup and it could be for many different reasons including fear of thunder, reactivity to cats, nervousness in public situations, mild hip dysplasia, become too easily distracted, and even for being too affectionate and playful.

When the pups don’t make it through training, they are released as potential pets and put up for adoption. The dogs are never returned to a shelter and are kept with a foster until they find a permanent home.

They refer to these pups as “career change” dogs, and one of them may be the perfect for your family!

The TSA Canine Training Center Adoption Program helps their career-changed dogs find loving homes on a first come first served basis. They do their best to make sure applicants meet all requirements and match them with the pups who suit their home, family and lifestyle.

Service Dogs also puts their rescue dogs up for adoption who didn’t make it to graduation.

Aside from adopting career-changed puppies, you could also adopt a senior dog who is retiring from being a service dog. Mission K9 works to find these retired dogs a loving home.