34-year-old Melissa resides in Conyers, GA in a big house on 11 acres of land. She made her dream of saving old dogs come true when she started a rescue called Old Dog Home, where she takes in older dogs in need of some TLC.

“For the dogs that come to us and can be rehabilitated and adopted out, we’re going to do so. We’ll do everything we can to give them a chance at love and a family for their last years,” Melissa explained on Facebook. “For those who are too old or too sick, we’ll be their family. They’ll live here until its their time to go, and when they do go to heaven.”

Melissa recently received an urgent call from Old Dog Home’s veterinary partner, who explained that a man had brought in his elderly dog to be euthanized because he “didn’t want to take care of her anymore.”

The dog was incredibly sweet and seemingly in pretty good health, so vets refused to euthanize her.

Although Old Dog Home is full, Melissa couldn’t resist taking the dog, now named Holly, into her home.

Holly is around 10 to 12 years old and is as sweet as can be. After her original owner passed away she go shuffled from home to home until she wound up with her current family.

They didn’t want her anymore because they already had two other dogs, and they said Holly peed on the floor all the time, and that the grandkids weren’t interested in her.

“I don’t like to pick on children, but the granddaughter looked at me and shrugged – ‘We just don’t really like her. We like our other dogs better.’ Meanwhile, the dog stood there, wagging and wagging and wagging her tail,” Melissa wrote.

Aside from some old lady lumps and bumps, Holly appeared to be in good shape. The vet said she had a yeast infection, which is probably why she urinated a lot in her last home.

Holly is scared and confused but she is finally starting to relax. Melissa wrapped her in blankets and held and snuggled her. For the first time in a long time, Holly is finally feeling love.

“My real calling in life is to show people that “old” doesn’t mean “dead”… Old dogs still have life and love left to give,” Melissa wrote. “They are remarkably resilient and forgiving, and they deserve to have a chance at a Forever Family just as much as any younger dog does.”

When the time is right, and Holly is healed both physically and emotionally, Melissa will find a loving home for Holly, where she will be placed with care and get to be spoiled and loved for the rest of her life.

“And then I will have another open spot, and I’ll save another old abandoned dog that nobody wanted,” Melissa continued. “That’s the dream, folks. That’s the dream!”