PetSmart is in the news. It involves a sweet dog, named Coco, who had been at that same store multiple times to be groomed. This time, however, ended tragically. The family received a call from the PetSmart store in Royal Oak, Michigan, explaining that she had been rushed to the veterinarian and they should meet her there.

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Once the family arrived, they could see that Coco was badly injured. She was covered in open wounds. When asked what had happened, PetSmart gave them a multitude of excuses.

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First, the family was told that Coco had banged her head repeatedly while inside the kennel, on the kennel doors.

When that story didn’t seem to make sense, the family was then told that she was not properly tethered on the grooming table and fell off.

However, it is obvious to the family that the wounds were caused by something they are not telling the truth about. The family believes that another dog attacked Coco– Another dog who was not properly restrained and somehow got to Coco causing serious injuries.

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PetSmart paid the vet bills for Coco and sent her flowers but the family is understandably upset and wants answers. They want the truth!

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PetSmart issued the followed statement (see image):

WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7/YouTube

Our hearts go out to the family and Coco and we pray she makes a speedy recovery. We hope the family gets answers soon.

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