Moving day usually consists of packed boxes being loaded into the moving truck. Cars packed to the brim. Kids stressed out about their new house. And probably loads of trash -and odds and ends- dragged to the curb for trash collectors to take away or some ‘treasure hunters’ in need of an old chair or a dresser missing a drawer.

However, you don’t expect to see this.

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A family member intentionally left behind to fend for herself. This poor, sweet pup was left behind ON PURPOSE by her family when they moved away. She had just her blanket to cling to. This was put on display for the entire neighborhood to see; a dog that meant nothing was discarded like trash.

She was scared and confused. How could she go from being with her family, getting meals and attention to being left like a bag of garbage on the curb? Yea, we don’t know either.

Thankfully, Marina Tarashevska, Dallas DogRRR’s co-founder, found the pup and wanted to help her. But the dog didn’t want to go with Marina. She certainly didn’t want to leave her blanket either. Was she waiting for her family to return?

So Marina did something very smart, she dragged the blanket away from the dog hoping she would follow it. And it worked! The pup was now safe but to give her a new life, with the love she deserves, she wanted to give the dog a new name: Camilla.

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Camilla was safe, but she was not emotionally okay. She didn’t trust her new surroundings nor Marina. It was understanding considering how much she had been through. But Marina wasn’t giving up!

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Marina took Camilla to the vet and he confirmed that she wasn’t properly cared for. She had old wounds that were likely from an embedded collar. Her wounds were treated and she was placed in a foster home.

Her foster mom works with her every day. Camilla is coming along. She still has a ways to go but she’s definitely making progress. She wags her tail a lot (which you will see in the video below) and she seeks out affection instead of shying away from it. She’s also starting to play with toys.

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We are so grateful to Marina and her team for finding Camilla before it was too late. This little girl will find a forever home that will NEVER leave her at the curb again! Watch Camilla’s story in the video below!