Hey, dog lovers! The new year is under way, but before we forget about 2014 completely, I wanted to take a moment to look back at an amazing year for dogs… at least when it comes to videos!

Did you notice how many of the most viral, popular and well-regarded videos were about dogs last year? For everything from true love to cars to mutants, dogs were the stars of the online screen.

I had to give a special nod and butt wag to my 10 favorite videos of 2014. They include on-the-spot videos uploaded by the dog’s family, slick commercials by people who do slick commercials for a living, and a repeat visit from an old friend of ours. Enjoy!


10. Dog Passes Out from Sheer Joy

There’s something so incredibly heartwarming about this video that I had to put it on my top 10 list. Casey is an understandably happy dog: her Mom, Rebecca, just came home after two years! But wow, those whimpers of joy and love will melt your heart… apparently it did something to Casey too, because she literally passes out from happiness!


9. A Friend for Life’s Journey

This one gave me goosebumps… okay, it would have if pugs had goosebumps. This beautiful, loving tribute to a girl and her dog reminds us that we need a best friend for life’s journey. Maddie is there for every triumph and every upset in her best friend’s life, supporting, protecting and accompanying her. What more could you want from your car?


8. Denver Strikes Again

Ah, Denver… it’s been too long. Since we first met this excessively guilty dog in 2011, we’ve been dying for a return visit. And if you missed him as much as I did, you were just as happy to see him come back, guilty face and all… and just in time for Christmas!


7. Harvey Finds True Love

One of the cleverest commercials of the year came from Thinkbox, a UK-based company that specializes in, wouldn’t you know it, TV advertising. They used their mascot, Harvey to show how a clever and enterprising dog could put a little publicity to good use. We can’t argue with the results!



6. The Giant Mutant Spider Dog

I don’t think anyone expected the success that mutant spider dog had in 2014. The year’s most viral video delighted and creeped out more than 100 million viewers, who couldn’t get enough of this hilariously scary halloween outfit. The production and effects are terrific, but really it’s all about the adorably terrifying mutant spider dog.


5. In the Dog House

A dog family on a joyride in a Subaru? Sounds like a perfectly innocent and fun day out… at least, until Dad gets distracted. Even humans know that you need to be more discreet than that!