4. Kito Is In Trouble

Kito the new Dad is about to have his life changed forever… in ways he can’t imagine! Actually, he does imagine what’s in store for him… from household chores to play time to nighttime duties. And you know what he’s going to need? Energy. Lots and lots of energy.



3. Salsa Poodle

Coming in at the end of the year is one of the best dancing dog videos we’ve seen in ages. It’s not just that this poodle is all excited to see her owner return. It’s those amazing dance moves she shows off. Does she do this every time she sees her humans?


2.  Just Say No… to Your Kennel

I can’t get enough of this video. And I wish I could argue as eloquently as Blaze does. It’s amazing! He never gets mad or tries to bite. He just makes his case… quite convincingly, in my opinion.



1. Friends Are Waiting

All the rest of the videos on this list made me laugh, lifted my spirits or tugged at my heart strings. But this one really moved me. Budweiser’s commercial against drinking and driving made millions of viewers look at it from an entirely different perspective: your four-legged friends who are waiting for you to come home. It’s a wonderful way to remind us to be responsible when we go out at night.