For many of us, sleeping beside our furry best friend is part of our nightly routine. Sure, there are thousands of dog beds on the market but nothing can substitute that magical bond when dog owner and dog let their guards down and sleep side-by-side.

For Kristin Wolf, sleeping with her dog Fenway made her feel safe and secure. But she wasn’t so sure if she was getting a good night’s sleep. “I always was waking up laying sideways or even at the foot of my bed,” Kristin told The Dodo.

Instead of blaming Fenway for a poor night’s sleep, Kristin decided to buy a camera and find out for herself.

Kristin was curious to find out what Fenway was doing in bed that made it nearly impossible for Kristin to get a decent night’s sleep but was astonished to find out it wasn’t Fenway’s fault at all!

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When Kristin watched the surveillance video the next morning, she realized it wasn’t Fenway who was interrupting her sleep. It was the other way around. In actuality, Kristin is a restless sleeper who constantly changes positions throughout the night. And Fenway just does what he has to do to remain close to her.

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So glad Fenway let’s me sleep in the corner of his bed 😂

Fenway's Fight Against Blastomycosis 发布于 2019年8月4日周日


She said, “What I learned was that I think it’s actually me who moves a lot. [I] didn’t realize he stays that close all night.”

Fenway suffers from a life-threatening fungal disease called blastomycosis. Thankfully, after several years, he is now in remission. Kristin believes that because of his health, it affects his sleep.

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She explains, “When he was sick he was even more cuddly. He was always under my arms as little spoon. Now, he’s back to preferring the bend of my knees.”

Despite some occasional discomfort, Kristin wouldn’t kick Fenway out of the bed for anything. This is their cherished time together. In fact, Kristin broke up with a guy who didn’t approve of their nightly ritual.

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“I’ve dumped a guy for saying he didn’t like that I let him sleep in my bed,” Kristin said.

Good for you, sista!