Ed Gernon and his Shepherd mix rescue dog, Rex, instantly clicked when they met at an animal shelter. Rex was a feral dog which had earned him a bad reputation at the shelter. Nevertheless, Ed ignored everyone’s warnings about the “dangerous” dog and adopted him!

Source: Ed Gernon/YouTube

Within the next few weeks, Rex blossomed under Ed’s love and care. Soon, the pair spent most of their time outdoors in Ed’s hometown of Whittier, California. One day, during one of their walks, Rex spotted a dying hummingbird in the bushes.

Before Ed could react, Rex had already volunteered to rescue the bird! He bought her to safety and tugged at Ed to help the motionless bird. Ed was touched by his dog’s compassion, and immediately decided to shelter the sickly bird!

Source: Hummer Gernon/Facebook

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Ed named the bird Hummer, and started feeding her sugary water to help her regain her strength. Throughout her recovery, Rex would always nurse her and never leave her side. After months of healing, Hummer recovered completely and was ready to fly away. But she was so attached to Rex and Ed that she refused to leave them!

Source: Ed Gernon/YouTube

Today, Rex, Ed and Hummer are a happy trio as they live together as best friends. Ed tears up whenever he thinks about the extraordinary rescue cycle that brought them together and calls it “the cycle of life.” He hopes that this story inspires people to rescue every creature in need!

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