One thing is for certain and that is rescue groups, like Hope For Paws, never hesitate when it comes to a dog in need. They received a call about a dog wandering around a neighborhood in the mountains in California. They had no idea what had happened to her nor how she had ended up there, but they were quickly in their vehicle, about to find out.

A property owner had called Hope For Paws telling them where they could likely find her. Eldad made his way there, with supplies in hand. As he navigated the steep property, he saw the pup hiding out on a large deck. She looked scared and withdrawn. You could see someone had given her a rug to lie on and some water to drink. Eldad whispered, “Hey doggy.” And she barely lifted her head up.

Eldad secured the area in case the dog ran away. This was her day to be saved and nothing was going to prevent that from happening!

Soon, Eldad was able to approach the little dog with meat in hand. She was eager to eat, even confusing his finger a few times for food. But you could see she was sweet and gentle. Was she someone’s pet? Had she been loved before?

The sweet dog didn’t put up a fight and allowed Eldad to give her a few pets before placing the lucky leash around her neck. Dogs can sometimes sense when there’s a good person there to help them. This dog surely did. Eldad gave her a very pretty name, Fergie.

Now it was time to get her back to the rescue center. Eldad picks Fergie up. He’s so relieved that she seems to be okay despite so many predators in the area. He places Fergie into the car and scans her for a microchip. Then says, “No chip again.” This is an ongoing problem and very frustrating for rescuers. A simple procedure could either get this dog back home or at least find out more info about her.

Fergie and Eldad make their way down the mountainous neighborhood. She sits so nicely beside him in the passenger seat. She truly has the sweetest little face.

Now back at the center, it was time for a hair cut. Fergie had foxtails embedded into her matted hair. After a quick shave, it was time for a bath. She is such a good girl. Did someone purposely abandon her? Or did she run away? She’s so good with people so her story must be a good one!

Fergie is now in her foster home, waiting for her forever home. No one came forward to claim her so we are thrilled she will find a new, happy life with a family who will love her (like she deserves). Let’s spread the word about Fergie and her wonderful rescue. Adoption info is included in her rescue story below. Thank you, Hope For Paws!

UPDATE: Fergie has been adopted and is living her best life with her new family. We are thrilled she’s safe and sound and surrounded by love. Many animals like Fergie still wait for forever homes. If you are looking to adopt, please reach out to your local rescue groups or shelters.