Fifty the Pit Bull was born into a life of rescue. His mother was pregnant when she was rescued by a kind family. The family eventually ended up adopting Fifty from amongst his littermates. The playful dog was living the good life with his humans and another doggie sister, Izzy, when the unthinkable happened.

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One day, a patrolling officer panicked at the sight of Fifty and shot him on both his right limbs. This was a classic case of breed discrimination against Pit Bulls, as Fifty was nothing but a gentle and kind dog. However, this tragic incident changed his life forever and the poor pooch got both his right legs amputated due to the gunshot injuries.

Fifty was just learning to balance himself on his 2 remaining legs when his life turned upside down again. This time, his owners lost their home due to recession, and were forced to surrender Fifty and Izzy to the shelter. With the only stable thing in his life gone, Fifty was back to square one.

Source: superfiftyboy/Instagram

It was during this dark, uncertain period in his life that Fifty found his true spark. He refused to be a victim to his circumstances and decided to work toward getting back on his feet. He would initially stand with the support of walls and falter time after time. But with unflinching dedication and perseverance, he was soon able to walk and run like usual!

After 9 months of building himself back up at the shelter, Fifty finally found his cherished forever home. He instantly fell in love with his new humans and siblings, and vowed to be a good boy to them every day. He naturally transitioned into his new life filled with many adventurous trips and snuggly sessions.

Source: superfiftyboy/Instagram

As Fifty’s new parents constantly foster dogs in need, the big boy has now wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to be the best foster brother to other down-on-luck animals like himself. Fifty is a glorious survivor who is standing tall despite his handicap and the many curveballs life threw at him. Let’s celebrate this underdog’s tale and make it known that Pit Bulls are so much more than a “hated breed”.

Click the video below to watch how Fifty amazingly managed to thrive again on 2 left legs.