Although the scene is used often in cartoons and pop culture, firefighters don’t actually rescue kittens and cats from trees regularly. However, this story is proof that they do help out trapped puppies from time to time!

On March 30, a tiny puppy became trapped underneath a pile of rubble. When a family biking past saw the desperate situation, they attempted to free the poor pup.

When the rocks wouldn’t budge, they called the fire department.

Captain Paul Bryant of the North Charleston Fire Department responded and arrived on the scene just in time; the puppy was struggling to get out, but was exhausted from his efforts.

As the firefighter got on his hands and knees to pull the pup out, onlookers began recording the incredible rescue.

It only took a few minutes for the captain to widen the hole and then pull the dog to safety. As he checked the little pup for injuries, he couldn’t resist giving him a quick cuddle. (Could you blame him?) Unfortunately, the pair had to be separated when the firefighter handed the dog off to the family that found him.

The dehydrated and panicked puppy needed medical attention, so they took him to the nearest emergency vet clinic.

After he was properly looked over, the Charleston Animal Society discovered he wasn’t micro-chipped and put him up for adoption.

When Captain Paul Bryant heard the news, he knew that it was meant to be! He immediately contacted the rescue and applied to adopt the little one he saved.

In April, the two were reunited — and both couldn’t be happier!

Bryant decided to name him “Rocky,” and was excited to begin their life together.

So many wonderful people were able to come together to save Rocky — from the family that noticed his plight to the dispatchers that contacted Captain Paul Bryant. It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes, it takes one to rescue a pup in need!