What was supposed to be a fun day at the baseball park turned to tragedy when fireworks went off. The Toledo Mud Hens baseball team hosted a “Paws and Pints” night at their baseball field and invited people to bring their dogs onto the field.

Following the game, a fireworks display went off and that’s when the horrible incident happened.

Source: Tyler Paley/Facebook

A dog died when the unexpected fireworks went off, but there are no immediate details as to how.

The ball club immediately issued a statement through the media stating, “Any words seem inadequate in expressing our sympathy at the loss of a doggie family member following our Paws and Pints event last night. The entire organization is heartbroken that a lovely evening ended so sadly. We are in agreement with the community that in the future, no dog-friendly events will be held in conjunction with fireworks. With our mission to provide family-friendly events to our community, we work hard to do our best, but this time we fell short. As a symbol of our sympathy, we will be making a memorial contribution to an animal charity of the family’s choice.”

Source: Tyler Paley/Facebook

A local vet issued a warning to dog owners after the tragic incident. Dr. Anne Bergstrom told a reporter, “You have to know your pet and what makes them comfortable and safe.”

Source: Tyler Paley/Facebook

Our deepest condolences go out to the family who lost their dog in this accident. Please keep pets safe around loud sounds that may scare them.

Feature photo: Anna-Louise/Pexels