The internet can be a harsh place sometimes. An 81-year-old lonely woman named Mette Kvam saw the dark side of the internet when a video of her feeding a stag went viral. While many were touched by her warm friendship with the stag, many people also started berating her for “feeding the wildlife”.


Source: Inside Edition/YouTube


Mette, who is a widow with no children, was living all alone in her home in Aurland, Norway, when the lost stag stumbled upon her window one morning in 2014. Mette felt sorry for the exhausted stag and fed him a piece of bread. Over the next few years, the stag started visiting Mette twice a day. Mette named the stag “Flippen” and eagerly awaited to feed and pet him every day.

Mette’s neighbors were amazed by the friendship, and it was only recently that one of her friends shared a video of one of Flippen’s visits. But instead of cherishing this pure friendship, online strangers started calling Mette “stupid” and “uneducated” for feeding a wild animal and endangering the safety of her community. They argued that feeding the stag would impact the ecosystem and deter him from hunting on his own.


Source: Inside Edition/YouTube


Mette doesn’t understand how feeding a loaf of bread to a friendly animal offended so many people. For her, Flippen is a loyal companion who never forgets her. While we do acknowledge the dangers of feeding the wildlife, we think people went a tad bit too far in this case. Watch this video and let us know in the comments if you think the hate received by Mette is warranted.

Click the video below to watch Mette’s transcending friendship with the faithful stag!