A cat named Fluffy was rushed to the vets in Montana, after being found frozen, unresponsive, and completely buried in ice beside a snow bank. Fluffy’s body temperature was so low, it didn’t even register on the thermometer.



The vet staff carefully picked the ice off Fluffy’s coat. Then they attempted to warm her through towels, blow dryers, cage warmers and intravenous fluids. Just an hour later, the crabby Fluffy started growling, and the vets gave out a sigh of relief, knowing that she would make it!

After about 2 hours in emergency care, Fluffy’s senses returned as she started moving around again. Her owners took her home that very night, while the clinic posted pictures of her miraculous recovery on their Facebook page.



3-year-old Fluffy has a special love for the outdoors, and would often refuse to stay in a confined indoor space. Her owners suspect that something traumatic must have happened for her to curl up and freeze in the snow.



While Fluffy will be recovering indoors for now, as animal lovers, we can always build outdoor cat shelters to protect stray or lost cats from the cold. Do check out the neat video below that shows how to build a DIY cat shelter, which can work as a comfortable home for our outdoor-loving felines!

Click the video below to watch a quick and easy tutorial on how to build a feral cat shelter!