Animals do the darndest things. Just when you think you’ve seen it all online, a hysterical video comes along proving that animals always have something new to share. Consider the young foal in this latest video sweeping the Internet.

A man who stopped by to see a relative’s foal got more than he bargained for during the visit. In fact, every time the guy visits this farm, the same foal does the same behavior to him over and over!

Source: YouTube

The young horse spots the man, backs herself up to him, and she waits for a butt scratching. That’s right: the foal insists the guy rub her tush, and the man gladly obliges.

We’ve all seen dogs do this and perhaps want a tummy rub or smack us with a paw to get us to rub their backs. This is the first time we’ve seen a species of the equine variety do this behavior! 😂

Source: YouTube

Watch the hysterical antics in the video below. What a riot!