Encountering wildlife can be an amazing experience — so long as you don’t get too close. Reddit user tootsaysthetrain learned that particular lesson recently when he came across a wild fox in an alley.

He attempted to get close to the beautiful creature, but soon regretted that decision!

Source: Reddit user tootsaysthetrain / gfycat

Luckily, the man was recording the entire experience on Snapchat, so he had video evidence of what exactly transpired.

Noticing the man was watching him, the curious fox stopped walking and began to make his way back down the alley.

Source: Reddit user tootsaysthetrain / gfycat

Wary of the human, but still curious, the sweet wild fox began to approach the man. Tootsaysthetrain was eager to get close to the wild creature, as well. Being able to get this close to a fox isn’t something that happens every day!

Source: Reddit user tootsaysthetrain / gfycat

Soon, the red fox realizes there’s no danger and walks over to the man. He gets closer as if he wants to be pet, so the man keeps recording…

…only to realize the clever fox didn’t want snuggles or a treat. He wanted the man’s wallet.

Source: Reddit user tootsaysthetrain / gfycat

The sly fox snatches the leather wallet and trots off, happily holding his well-earned loot in his mouth.

Still filming, the guy began to chase after the fox through parking lots and neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the clever fox was much more agile and a better runner, so the victim of the adorable robbery wasn’t able to keep up.

Source: Reddit user tootsaysthetrain / gfycat

The man nearly catches up with the fox, but is still too far away to retrieve his wallet. Giving up on the whole ordeal, he films the little thief through the bushes.

The next morning after the embarrassing robbery, the Reddit user stumbled across wallet lying on the ground. It seems the fox realized that bits of paper and plastic weren’t very useful to him, so he tossed it aside!

Source: Reddit user tootsaysthetrain / Imgur

Although local wildlife can be beautiful and lovely to watch, it’s best not to approach any critters yourself. Not only do you run the risk of hurting them or yourself, but this man proved you might just get mugged, too. Watch the video below to see the entire (hilarious) ordeal.

Fox: 1, Humans: 0!