Beachgoers and tourists on the Santa Teresita Beach Resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are being blamed for the death of an endangered baby dolphin.

The innocent dolphin was tossed around from person to person like a trophy, with many of the people snapping selfies with it.

Source: Hernan Coria/Facebook

Ultimately, the dolphin was left on the beach where it was found dead. Some people gathered around to take photos of the body.

The Franciscan dolphin gets its name from the brown skin that resembles a Franciscan monk’s habit. With only 30,000 of them remaining in the world, animal activists are up in arms with its needless death.

After the devastating incident, The Argentina Wildlife Foundation wrote, “The occasion serves to inform the population about the urgent need to return these dolphins to the sea before encountering one on the shore. It is essential that people help rescue these animals, because every Franciscan counts.”

Source: Hernan Coria/Facebook

Someone taped the manhandling of the baby dolphin as he was passed around, which can be seen in the video below.

This is truly tragic, and ultimately, a helpless endangered animal paid with its life.