Two dogs named Frann and Fanny were dumped by their abusive owners in a park. Frann was in a particularly bad state after enduring blunt force trauma. She had multiple fractures and was unable to walk. Fanny whimpered helplessly and stood by Frann’s side, but the wounded pooch wouldn’t move.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis learned about the 2 abandoned dogs and immediately drove to the park. The moment Fanny saw the rescuers, her eyes sparked with hope again as she led them to Frann. She refused to be rescued separately, and valiantly kept an anxious eye on her sister on the way to the hospital.

During the next few weeks, Frann received a spinal surgery for her injuries and started recovering. Fanny never left Frann even for a second. She was always beside her bed, devotedly watching her and motivating her to stay alive and find her strength again. Soon, Frann was out of danger. However, she was still unable to walk.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

Fanny made it her life’s mission to make sure that Frann walks again. She supported her during physical therapy until the day Frann walked on her own again! But sadly, Fanny contracted distemper and died days after Frann started walking. But she fulfilled her mission of helping Frann!

Frann is now adopted into a good family, but Fanny’s loving memories will always haunt her. We’re sure Fanny is looking after her darling sister from up above like the angel that she is! Let’s get the word out and help track the abusive owners who did this to her.

Click the video below to watch Fanny and Frann’s heartwarming story and bond!