This is the story of the beautiful bond between two stray dogs in crisis. Recently, in Saint Louis, rescuers got a call about a gravely injured dog left to die in a local park. As a rescue van arrived to pick her up, the rescuers discovered that she was completely unable to move. They also found another dog anxiously waiting by her side.

The other dog refused to leave her friend, so they took them both to the vet. They decided to call the injured one Frann and her guardian Fanny. At the vet’s, it was discovered that Frann’s state was brought on by multiple hits from something very heavy and lethal. She was rushed into surgery.

Fanny anxiously paced up and down outside the operating room. Even after the surgery, she stayed by her injured friend as she was still recovering and unable to walk. After intense physical therapy for two weeks under Fanny’s watchful eyes, Frann was finally able to walk again!

Doctors believe that Fanny’s constant presence throughout the ordeal played a major part in Frann’s recovery as she fought for her life. Unfortunately, soon after Frann started walking, unvaccinated Fanny contracted distemper and passed away, but not before completing her mission of helping Frann walk again! We pray that Fanny’s soul rests in peace, knowing that Frann is well and healthy now.

Click the video below to watch Fanny’s beautiful friendship with her recovering friend.