Proof of the bond between unlikely animal duos is something that melts our hearts. A video of a sweet Labrador Retriever and his cow friend is making its rounds on social media. What makes this video special is the cow seems to really love showing his canine pal just how much he cares for him.

On Reddit, @OrientalDuke posted the video with the caption, “You Are Now My Fren.” When folks on Twitter saw it, they decided to share the touching clip as well.

Source: @Welcomet0nature/Twitter

The gentle bovine snuggles next to his canine buddy and shares the love in the form of kisses. The cow bows its head and leans into the dog as the pooch seems to take it all in stride.

Instead of giving his farm friend a few smooches back, the dog sits patiently and allows the cow to lick his face repeatedly. This dynamic duo proves that animals of all species can become pals.

Source: @Welcomet0nature/Twitter

Watch this precious scene by pressing play on the video below.