Natural disasters are unavoidable but we can prepare and we can come together as a community to rebuild. A special four-legged hero, named Frida, has saved 52 lives over the course of her career (so far). The latest devastation in Mexico is heartbreaking, but with Frida’s keen nose and special training, lives are being saved.

Frida wears an important uniform. Her goggles protect her eyes from debris and her boots protect her feet from digging in rough terrain. So far, she has saved 12 lives in Mexico and is working hard to save even more!

The world is going doggone crazy for Frida with fan art…

And not to worry, Frida gets downtime too (with plenty of love and plenty of pets!) 

Frida’s job is a serious one and for that, she is greatly appreciated. She is always praised for being a VERY GOOD GIRL!