Going to the doctor isn’t exactly a good time. Especially for our kids and fur kids! A very expressive dog, named Fritz, is used to going for car rides but only to go to the dog park…  NOT to the vet. And not to the doggy dentist!

Bret Mortimer knows her dog oh-so-well. She figured he might think they were going to the dog park but nope! Once Bret heard about how important oral health is in dogs, she made an appointment with the veterinary dentist– because she’s an excellent and responsible owner, of course! But Fritz doesn’t see it that way AT ALL!

Source: Twitter/ @bretmortimer

In fact, he’s “being mad bc“… the dentist isn’t cool, Mom!

After Fritz had his teeth cleaned, Bret picked him up. Fritz gets into his favorite spot in the car, the passenger seat, and Bret films his response to seeing her after his ‘eventful’ day.

Fritz doesn’t look all too thrilled.

Source: Twitter/ @bretmortimer

In fact, he looks pretty pissed! Right? (CLICK PLAY BELOW)


The best part of his overall expression is by far his eyes. He’s got the “Don’t even talk to me, Human” look perfected. We’re shocked he didn’t do an eye roll.

Source: Twitter/ @bretmortimer

Fritz refuses to turn around and look at his mom. Even though she was doing what was best for him, he is still not havin’ it. He’s perturbed and he’s going to make sure mom knows that. Man, we love this dog! Smile, Fritz, let’s see those pearly whites!