For 35-year-old Manuel Calderon, nothing matters to him more than his beloved dog, Fulo. Manuel was abandoned by his parents as a child, and he grew up all alone in San Miguelito, Panama. When he started earning his livelihood by selling vegetables, Fulo entered into his life and became his constant companion.


Source: CEN/Daily Mail


Needless to say, Fulo became the most important part of Manuel’s life. Recently, their bond was tested during a heavy rainstorm that flooded the area around the river Sinai. Manuel was observing the water levels with Fulo when the dog lost his grip and got pulled in by the waves.

As we see in this video, the poor Fulo gets caught in the turbulent current and is swept away helplessly. Manuel doesn’t waste a second and plunges headfirst into the water almost immediately. He fights through the strong and rapid torrents to get a hold of Fulo before it is too late. Thankfully, he grabs Fulo just in time and swims to a nearby bank.


Source: CEN/Daily Mail


This rescue soon went viral and people applauded Manuel for his selfless act. When interviewed by media outlets, Manuel said that he didn’t consider the danger involved and saving Fulo was all he could think of.

Hector Valdes, the mayor of the city, later announced that Manuel has been offered a position in the local Department of Animal Welfare as a reward! Manuel’s story goes to show just how much goodness there is in people who’re often neglected by society.

Click the video below to watch this heart-stopping rescue that changed Manuel’s life!