The sound of bagpipes rang in the Canton Civic Center as a police dog whose story gripped a nation was laid to rest. Ever since we learned about Jethro, the police dog who helped catch a thief and was shot to death when he answered the call of duty, we’ve been following his story with a huge lump in our hearts. This fearless officer of the law died protecting his fellow officers and helping keep us safe.

Today, he was given the sendoff he deserved. Hundreds of police officers and K9 handlers from around the country flew to Canton, Ohio to pay their respects at a memorial service for the fallen dog. They spoke of his courage and the bond between an officer and his K9 companion, and when they presented the flag to Jethro’s partner, he almost broke down.

Watch the video and honor the spirit of this courageous police dog. RIP, Jethro.