Judy Gardner is in shock. The devastated Las Vegas dog mom has taken to social media to try and get her dog back after three grown men stole her beloved Schnauzer in broad daylight. She is also warning other dog owners to be on the lookout so the same thing doesn’t happen to other pets.

“It’s shocking! I’m shocked! I can’t believe three grown men would go to this extent to get a dog,” Gardner told News3 Las Vegas.

Source: News 3 LV

Zoey the Schnauzer was outside in her backyard when the 11-pound pooch managed to escape, as she had done before. She captured the attention of three men in a white truck who seized the opportunity to snatch the dog. Gardner recalls hearing a yelp sound and Zoey was gone.

Surveillance cameras next door recorded the dognapping. Three men are seen walking down the street and one of them has a coat draped over poor Zoey, whose paws are seen sticking out.

Source: News 3 LV

By the time Gardner ran outside, the truck and Zoey were gone. For over a week, the heartbroken dog mom looked for Zoey. She offered a cash reward, posted lost dog flyers, and took to social media. Her other dog refused to eat food for four days because she missed her friend.

As we prepare to share this story, Gardner posted a status update to Facebook that Zoey had been found. She doesn’t provide specific details, but we can all share in her relief.

Source: News 3 LV

Always keep a close eye on your pets so they do not end up being stolen. Safety first! Watch the video about the abduction below.