A 24-year-old employee of a dog training center was on her way to work during the busy rush hour commute when the worst-case scenario happened. Her car was T-boned by a big truck, and though she survived, her service dog escaped from the accident in Lenexa, Kansas.

The dog, named Georgia, took off running down the street. Despite dozens of missing dog posters all over town, the animal was nowhere to be seen.

Source: KCTV5

Four search parties went in different directions to try to find Georgia. As media was interviewing Brianne Durham, who trained Georgia, good news came through. A woman named Virginia Bono was out looking for the pooch when the animal came sprinting out in a neighborhood.

Durham says of the bond between Georgia and her owner, “They’re absolutely infatuated, in love with each other.”

Source: KCTV5

As the dog entered the room where her mom was, the joyful reunion occurred. “Oh, baby girl! It’s you! Yay! Oh, baby girl! You’re home!” she exclaimed.

Other than a few scrapes on her ear and heat exhaustion, the dog checked out okay health-wise. As for future plans, the pup will be getting a bubble bath, sleeping on a down comforter, and getting lots of love and kisses.

Source: KCTV5

We love a tail-wagging happy ending!