A five-year-old German Shepherd, now named Herschel, has had a very rough life thus far. All he’s ever known was life on a chain in a backyard. His teeth were ground down from gnawing on the chains all of the time, trying to break free.

Luckily, he was surrendered to Michelson Found Animals who gave him proper medical attention and a much-needed bath.

Sadly, Herschel was adopted multiple times but returned each time through no fault of his own. But he is still enjoying life and things got a lot better for this formerly neglected pooch.

The shelter contacted Rocky Kanaka, a TV host and pet rescue advocate. He met with Herschel and formed an immediate bond with him. He decided to give him a “Dog’s Day Out.” Dog’s Day Out is a YouTube show that gives dogs their own “best day” while helping them get adopted in the process.

For Herschel’s best day, he got to experience snow for the first time and absolutely loved it.

Then, while they were on their way to his new mom in Los Angeles, they stopped at the beach where Herschel got to see the ocean for the first time too.

He was so ecstatic to see the water that he barked and howled at it. He ran right into the water without hesitation – it was truly a sight of true bliss!

Rocky Kanaka

Now Herschel gets to spend the rest of his days with his new mom in sunny California where he won’t be on a chain ever again!