Puppies are cute and adorable but also very exhausting. Being a mom is no easy task, but for one German Shepherd, she figured out the perfect way to tire her active litter of pups.

Her babies clearly want to play and chase their mama, so when the family took an adventure outside, the mama dog set her sights on wearing them out.

Since German Shepherds are a herding breed, it’s no surprise to see the mama dog trying to round up her pups. When that doesn’t wear them out, mama suddenly darts around and has the puppies chasing her!

Source: Facebook/The German Shepherd Dog Community

If you listen closely, you can even hear their tiny barking sounds as if to say, “Hey Mom, slow down!”

Off camera, the person filming is laughing along. As it gets closer to the end, mama even goes into a play bow pose and encourages her pups to come and get her.

Source: Facebook/The German Shepherd Dog Community

Watch the fast, furious fun by pressing play on the video below.