Nick and Claire went to the ASCPA shelter “just to look,” and certainly didn’t plan on going home with any dogs, but everything changed once they laid eyes on Ginny.

Ginny spent the first two years of her life forced into violent dogfighting.

The ASPCA was asked to assist the NYPD with a search warrant for a suspected dogfighting ring in the Bronx. When they arrived, they saw Ginny tethered on a thick rope to a barrel.

It was raining outside, so her bed of dirt had turned into mud. She was freezing, shivering, and all alone.

When rescuers first removed her from that awful situation, Ginny was terrified and didn’t trust humans. But can we blame her? All she’s ever known was abuse at the hands of humans.

Since she was forced to live outside, she didn’t even know how to do simple things such as going up and down stairs. The behaviorist said it would be a lot of work, but her rescuers, along with Nick and Claire, refused to give up.

When Claire first spotted Ginny at the shelter, she bent down to get a better look. When she looked back up, she had tears in her eyes.

“So, I think it was Ginny choosing us,” Nick recalled. “There was no way we were going to leave that day without bringing Ginny home with us.”

Now, Ginny goes everywhere with them. Long gone are the days of a heavy chain around her neck. That was quickly replaced with a collar full of flowers, as she was the flower girl at Nick and Claire’s wedding.

The couple absolutely adores Ginny, and vice versa. They are a perfect match and Ginny finally feels safe and loved! It was definitely meant to be!

According to the ASPCA, Ginny’s case was the first federal dogfighting case to go to trial in U.S. history. Her abuser was found guilty on all charges.

Watch her rescue and new life in the video below: