Every dog lover knows how it feels to desperately want a puppy more than anything in the world. It’s usually impractical to just go out and get a dog without planning in advance, but sometimes you meet a dog that just steals your heart.

Morgan Tedder knows exactly how it feels to fall in love with a puppy. One day, Morgan went out to buy a shower curtain. Her boyfriend, Robert, expected her to just come back with the curtain, but she came back with something a little more special: a dog.

Morgan knew that picking up a dog when she was just supposed to get a shower curtain was ridiculous, so she told Robert in a pretty funny way.

Morgan took a picture of the dog sitting next to the shower curtain, then sent the photo to Robert. Alongside the photo, she wrote, “Is this the right shower curtain?”

Obviously, Robert was stunned. He immediately responded, using Morgan’s full name. At this point, it wasn’t clear whether Robert was upset or just shocked.

Morgan brought the puppy home, and of course Robert fell in love with him too. They named the puppy Moose, and he became a lovely addition to their family.

Robert and Morgan already had another dog, Roscoe, and he quickly became best friends with Moose.

How cute is Moose? Have you ever fallen in love with a puppy and taken it home with you?