Through no fault of their own, Pit Bulls have garnished quite the reputation. From illegal dogfighting and years of unhealthy inbreeding, Pit Bulls have suffered the consequences.

For one lonely Pit Bull living on the streets, his appearance frightened the locals away. He had a muscular build and cropped ears to make him look “extra tough.” The police were called several times where he was sighted but by the time they got there, he was gone. Their goal was to capture him before he hurt anybody. Well, that was the assumption, at least. It was just a matter of time before he attacked a person or another dog.

Finally, the Pit Bull was spotted sunning himself on a porch. Officer Frost was called to the scene. He arrived prepared. He exited his vehicle but left the door open in case he needed a quick retreat. He also held his hand on his firearm… just in case. His first duty was to serve the community and if this dog was dangerous, he would have no choice but to shoot.

Officer Frost walked towards the dog. Upon seeing the officer, the Pit Bull lifted his head. The officer whistled and he perked up more. He didn’t seem annoyed or angry. The officer continued to walk closer towards him.

Then, the Pit Bull jumped up and charged. Officer Frost had his heart in his throat. This moment would decide the officer’s fate, and the dog’s. But instead of running over to attack the officer, he came running over with his tail wagging!

The poor dog was craving love and affection and Officer Frost was happy to oblige. The two bonded quickly. And when the dog noticed the open door of the patrol car, he jumped right in.

While the two bonded, Officer Frost followed protocol and Animal Control was called in. When they arrived, the Pit was just as friendly towards them! This hulking animal didn’t have a mean bone in his body! He looked intimidating but it really was just a façade. He was scanned for a microchip and they learned his name is Gold.

Gold was chipped but his owner’s address was no longer valid. Sadly, this meant that despite being a good boy, Gold still had to spend the night “behind bars.” But thankfully, Gold’s jail stint was only for a night.

Officer Frost posted his photos with Gold on Facebook and the photos went viral! Thankfully, Gold’s owner was located and all was okay when the two were reunited, but the whole story created quite the stir! Pit Bull supporters were outraged. As dog lovers ourselves, we can understand that if Gold’s appearance wasn’t so intimidating (by assumption and bad press, really) then he would have been rescued sooner. We are just relieved that this story ended the way it always should have– happily!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr