There are many benefits to playing games with your dog, and that includes giving them toys with interesting shapes and textures. Dixie and Daisy’s mom wanted to do something to entertain her two beautiful Great Danes, so she decided to give them a big plastic egg.

She turned her video camera on and let her curious dogs investigate the big, shiny, smooth object.

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

Dixie is immediately curious about this fun item, while Daisy decides the grass is more interesting. It’s amazing how some dogs are smitten with a new toy while others couldn’t care less.

As Dixie tries her best to put her mouth on the egg, it just keeps slipping away. As the egg slides and spins, Dixie follows it and is determined to conquer the big orb.

Mom cannot control her laughter and she bursts out in the giggles as her adorable big dog pounces all over the yard with the egg.

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

Daisy gives it a glance as if to say, “There’s no way I’m trying that nonsense.”

Add a smile to your day and watch the adorable Great Danes challenge the plastic egg in the video below.