Puppies are full of fun and energy and Laila the 9-month-old Boxer from Gretna, Nebraska, is a perfect example. The pup’s owner recently let the doggo outside for a potty break and went to check on her. When she looked out her window, the Laila gave her quite a surprise.

Bounding from one side of the window to the next as if on a trampoline, Laila was hurling herself in the air for her mom to see.

Source: ViralHog

“When we aren’t quick enough to let her back in the house, she likes to try to get our attention via the back windows,” her owner shared with the video.

Since Boxers are known to be silly clowns with lots of energy, Laila was simply acting like an adorable pooch.

Her owner can’t help but laugh as her darling dog bounces from side to side as if to say, “Hey ma, I am done now let me back inside!”

Source: ViralHog

Finally, when the bouncing maneuvers are done, Laila puts her front paws on the windowsill and longingly gazes inside.

Okay, Laila, you wore your mom down and it’s time to come inside. Press play on the video below to see Laila in action.

H/T: Daily Mail