Greyhounds are a gentle, smart, quiet type of dog, but they also have a very funny side to their personalities, too. We are so used to hearing stories about Greyhounds used for racing, then retired, and often they have a lot of medical issues after a life of being forced to run.

This story is about a Greyhound named Mosley who is a total goofball. The darling doggo has got something to say to his owner, and he’s about to let loose.

Source: YouTube

For starters, he looks oh-so-adorable on his owner’s bed, and then suddenly, it’s time to bark and think, then do it some more. No way will he allow anyone to make that bed.

If you look closely, Mosley seems to be smiling. As if that isn’t adorable enough, he starts to thrust his head from side to side. By this point, we are in hysterics.

Source: YouTube

But wait, there’s more from the Greyhound of many talents. Check out the spin moves that come next. What a riot!

See for yourself by watching this pooch in action below.