The pain of losing a dog is something pet parents never want to experience, but sadly humans outlive their pets in most cases. That’s not the case in the story of Paquito and his human friend.

A woman named Evlyn had a wonderful uncle who developed a close bond with her dog, Paquito. They were fast friends and did everything together.

Source: @evlyncastro16/Twitter

Sadly, one day, the man passed away. The poor pooch was emotionally distraught, not understanding where his close pal went. The dog was grieving and confused.

We can’t simply tell our canine family members that a loved one has passed away, so we hope that they are able to somehow understand. Little Paquito was about to get a very amazing surprise.

Evlyn’s aunt was going through some of her late husband’s possessions, and the dog realized something was going on. Since a storm had occurred recently, the boxes got wet.

Source: @evlyncastro16/Twitter

When the clothes were laid out to dry on the floor, Paquito perked up and ran over to the apparel. He might have sensed they belonged to his friend or maybe he even smelled the familiar scent of his buddy.

Thankfully, video footage taken shows the beautiful moment, as you will see below. Dogs are truly gifts from above.