No matter how much we try to sugarcoat it, a pet always senses when the dreaded vet visit is due. In case of mom Anna, her 3 Golden Retrievers are extra-psychic and almost always throw epic tantrums whenever they have to deal with the unwelcome trip.

In this hilarious video, we see 2 dogs named ‘RowanOak Push Up’, ‘Remington Kangaroo Hop’ and ‘Idgie Ruth’, also known as the “Mississippi Golden Gurls”, perched on the backseat of mom’s car. These popular social media princesses are visibly pissed as they hide in the backseat and remain ominously silent.

Mom senses the cold vibes and tries to make small talk with her girls. But the cranky babies are channeling their passive aggressive selves as they hilariously ignore all of mom’s earnest peace talks, and even deny her offer for treats.

But mom knows her babies best! She knows exactly what to ask next to get her babies to perk up again! The dogs’ reaction to mom’s next question had us rolling with laughter! You cannot miss this!

Click the video below to watch what mom asked her dogs that made us roll with laughter!