Skipp the yellow Labrador is a Guide Dog for his human, Ellen Watson, who resides in London, England. Watson is disabled and relies on Skipp to help her get around safely. But when they were out walking in the late afternoon, some people in the area set off fireworks, which stopped Skipp in his tracks.

He shook in fear as the loud bangs went off around them, leaving Watson vulnerable and in danger. Watson tried to pull Skipp up from where he sat down in the street, but he was so afraid that he refused to move.

Due to the fireworks that were being set off all week leading up to ‘Bonfire Night,’ Watson had to change her work schedule around so that she’d be home before dark, otherwise, Skipp would be fearful again.

“Not only do fireworks cause extreme distress for dogs & humans, they pose risk to disabled people’s safety,” Watson wrote. “This has to stop. Fireworks NEED to be regulated.”

Watson reminded people that Skipp is a very well-behaved and incredible guide dog, and that the way he acted during the fireworks is very unusual for him.

Watson explains that she loves fireworks, but wishes people would be more aware of how they can affect people too.

“Dogs are often life changing or life saving for people (especially assistance dogs). I’m not sure 5 mins of colourful popping has the same meaning for people,” she wrote. “I love fireworks, just wish they’d stick to bonfire night and New Years so I can make plans for [Skipp].”

During Bonfire Night, the fireworks went on for hours, but Skipp snuggled up to Watson, and she made sure he felt safe.

Hopefully Watson and Skipp’s story will make people more aware of how fireworks can negatively impact people and their pets, and will convince them to be more courteous next time they’re thinking of setting some off.