A family is left devastated and displaced after their Springfield Township, Ohio home caught fire.

Irene Kramer went to bed and woke up to what she thought was her kids wrestling outside her bedroom door. But when she got up to check what they were doing, she heard them screaming that the house was on fire.

As soon as Kramer opened the bedroom door, the flames hit her.

One of her sons was on a bed that was in flames, and the other jumped out of a second story window to bring himself to safety.

Not everyone in their family was home at the time of the fire, but everyone who was thankfully escaped unharmed.

The Kramers couldn’t believe it. One day they were living as a family of seven in the home that they spent the past seventeen years in, and the next day it was completely destroyed, along with the majority of their belongings.

But their belongings aren’t the only things that are gone.

One of the Kramer’s four dogs is missing also.

Firefighters searched the entire house for Gus, a ten-week-old German shepherd, and the family looked through all of the rubble, but he was nowhere to be found.

The Kramer family is remaining hopeful and praying that they will find their puppy alive.

If you know of Gus’ whereabouts, Kramer asks that you please contact her on Facebook.

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