Animal rescue workers see some horrifying stuff. We’d hate to imagine it but it’s common for volunteers to witness cases of abuse and neglect, yet they bury their heartache and continue on, fighting for animals.

One shelter employee, Meghan Lynch, has worked for AHS (which stands for Associated Humane Society) in New Jersey for many years. The non-profit is actually a century old and is New Jersey’s largest shelter organization. We imagine they see quite a lot. However, many with AHS agree, that this story is one they will NEVER forget.

One day, Lynch arrived early in the morning at one of the AHS facilities and saw a box outside the door. Being that Lynch has seen this sort of thing before, she had a sinking feeling that this was no ordinary box. It was also a very hot summer day, nearing 100 degrees.

There, inside the box, was a dog that appeared to be deceased. Her body also emitted a putrid smell. Lynch sadly thought that someone dumped this dead dog onto the property. But as she looked closer, she saw the dog struggling to breathe. She’s alive!

The dying dog wasn’t the only thing inside the box. There was a note, and the note said that someone had found her while ‘on a cleaning job’ and did not know what to do with her.

Lynch wasn’t convinced that the note was truthful. Wouldn’t an employee call the police? Why would she pack her into a box and drive all the way over? It just seemed too far-fetched.

Lynch brought the dog inside the air conditioning facility to cool her down. After she got more comfortable, the vet assessed her. They gave the dog a new name, Halle. Halle is about 10 years old. She’s a very matted apricot Poodle. They didn’t want to sedate her to groom her so they did their best. They took things slowly and held her as she got scared.

Halle was neglected for quite some time. The amount of matted hair pointed to at least a year of not being groomed. She also has cataracts, which is common with seniors, and a bad UTI.

Sadly, the shelter workers agree that Halle was better off dumped in that box in the sweltering heat than living with her abusers.

Halle is doing great. She is on the mend with a new haircut and a new outlook on life. AHS workers found the perfect home for the senior dog where she will be well-cared for. No one is sure who dumped Halle but authorities take this thing very seriously.

Tinton Falls police continue to search for who is responsible. Watch eMystery’s take on the story below.

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