Some friendships, like a match made in heaven, are instantaneous. For a dog named Hank, that friendship was with a kind woman who rescued him…and her blanket.

Alix John Tolley adopted Hank in 2010 when he just a puppy. Unlike most puppies, he was in a life-threatening situation.

Hank and his siblings were only 5-weeks-old, but were brought to a vet’s office to be euthanized. Their owner simply didn’t want to care for them and the local shelters were full.

Thankfully, a vet tech found homes for all of the puppies, including Hank. Soon, his adoptive mother learned that he was “a very quirky guy!”

“He likes kittens, ladies, and peanut butter. He dislikes wood floors, sizzling food and city grates, like on the sidewalk. He won’t walk on them,” Tolley said via Today. “I’m charmed by almost everything Hank does.”

The quirkiest thing about Hank, though, was his undying love for a very soft cream-colored blanket.

Source: Alix John Tolley / Facebook

Alix and her husband received it as a gift in 2011, but Hank tried to take it over almost immediately. He was just a 1-year-old pup, but he knew what he wanted — and the adorably determined dog didn’t give up.

“We’ve hid it behind couches and armchairs. We’ve put it on top of an entertainment center. We’ve packed it in a storage bin,” said Alix. “Finally, we decided that he loved it more than we did. Plus, by that time, he’d put some holes in it.”

Source: Alix John Tolley / Facebook

But, Alix would do anything for her beloved Hank. After saving him from being euthanized as a puppy, they became thick as thieves. If her fur baby wants to be best friends with a blanket — then Alix was going to let him!

Now, Hank has daily special moments with the blanket: he carries it with him through the house, naps with it, and even uses it to play games of tug-of-war.

Source: Alix John Tolley / Facebook

One of the most adorable things he does with the blanket is also the most unique. Hank will suckle the blanket and knead it with his paws as if he is a newborn puppy feeding.

It’s thought that perhaps Hank was separated from his mother too early, and that’s why he uses the blanket as a pacifier.

Regardless, the behavior isn’t uncommon (or unhealthy) — it’s just downright cute!

Source: Alix John Tolley / Facebook

Hank and his security blanket (and best friend) are one of the sweetest couples you’ll ever see. Who can blame this pup for just wanting a fuzzy friend to cuddle up with?