Hansel the Pit Bull had a grim start to his life. At just seven weeks of age, the pooch was rescued from the world of dogfighting. These days, he’s got a different title and one that is making people look at Pit Bulls in a positive light.

He was one of over 30 dogs rescued from an Ontario, Canada illegal dogfighting ring. Hansel’s life was about to change forever.

Source: 3 CBS Philly

“I got a call saying a few of them were good working dog candidates and we went down to see them and took five of them,” shared Carol Skaziak, founder of Throw Away Dogs Project.

The organization sees the potential in dogs who are dubbed unwanted or untrainable. They train them and rehabilitate them for jobs in law enforcement. Hansel is the first Pit Bull in the New Jersey, and possibly the United States, to become an arson K9 detective.

“But believe it or not, Pit Bulls are great at scent work. Labs and Bloodhounds are the main choice, but he’s going to change the tide. Not only for the breed but also for scent work,” shared Millville Fire Department’s Tyler Van Leer.

Source: 3 CBS Philly

Hansel’s job will be to search a fire scene for different scents to determine if arson is the cause. He’s on the job and ready to help protect and serve.

Who’s a good boy with a bright future? You are, Hansel, and we congratulate you! More about this amazing dog and his new role can be seen in the video below.