The rescuers at Animal Aid Unlimited were in for a harrowing day when they arrived  at a house to tend to a “dying” dog. It was speculated that the dog was attacked and injured by a human using a stone, and then most likely thrown off to bleed to death. However, the blood-soaked dog had managed to crawl into a stranger’s backyard to plead for help.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

At first sight, it didn’t look like the collapsed dog had much life left in her. She had suffered a brutal blow to her head and blood kept dripping all over her face. But when a rescuer tried to pick her up, she gave a tiny tail wag before curling up in his arms like the sweetest thing – like she knew she was in safe hands.

While the dog had a strong will to survive, her severe head trauma was a whole another challenge. The vet team at the shelter feared that she had suffered permanent brain damage, but they cleaned her wounds and bandaged her up in hopes of a miracle.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

For the next 2 weeks, the unresponsive baby was in a constant state of disorientation. The shelter staff had almost given up hope, but the dog faintly opened her eyes during the third week of treatment! It was a quantum leap in her prognosis and her caretakers began working harder to make sure she made a completely recovery!

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

As the dog’s affectionate personality started showing during her healing period, the staff figured out the perfect name to give her – Happy! Happy’s triumphant transformation at the end of this video has truly uplifted our souls with a sense of hope and faith!

Click the video below to watch Happy’s redeeming survival battle after being mercilessly left to bleed to death.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.