A great way to keep dogs warm while looking stylish is to purchase a canine coat. However, proper sizing is required so the dog gets the right fit. The most common measurements are around the chest and the length of the dog’s back. When a dog mom recently tried to measure her pooch, Harper, for a doggy coat, things didn’t exactly go as she planned.

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

Harper thought the measuring tape was some sort of toy and that the entire process was a bit much. The silly doggo laid down on her back and looked at her mom as if to say, “What sort of shenanigans are you getting me into now?” The entire time his mom attempted to get an accurate girth measurement for the coat, Harper put up a hysterical fuss.

“No, this isn’t going to work,” his mom giggles and says aloud. “Come on, sit up.”

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

Harper is having none of it and shoots her mom the goofiest and most comical expression. All that his mom needs to do is wrap the tape measurer around Harper’s waist so she can order the right coat. But Harper finds the process to be unnecessary, so she simply poses like a supermodel, refuses to move, and pushes her mom’s arms away every time she tries to measure her.

Finally, towards the end of the video, Harper succumbs to her mom’s measuring tape. Press play on the video below to see all the fun.