When people begin to harm innocent animals, it can be the start of a pattern. The abuser may continue harming other animals or even start hurting people. Police say 40-year-old Nathan Paul Haskins has a history of animal abuse, and despite the passage of time, he shows no signs of change. It all started in 2013 when Haskins faced animal cruelty charges for the most horrific crime against an innocent female dog nursing her puppies.

According to Lifehouse Animal Refuge, the mama dog was nursing 11 puppies when Haskins decided to cut her throat. Thankfully, a veterinarian was able to save the dog, but this was just the beginning of Haskins reign of terror and abuse against innocent animals. Surveillance video at the Blue Turtle Bay Marina in Old Hickory, Tennessee, caught the evil man in his latest act of animal abuse and cruelty.

Source: Ralf Kutscher/Unsplash

Haskins murdered an innocent, defenseless goose who lived at the marina for 15 years. Video shows a driver stop at the marina, accelerate, run the poor goose over, and continue speeding away. The vehicle in the video, a Chrysler 300 Sedan, was identified as belonging to Haskins. Anyone who visited the marina came to know the beautiful goose, but Haskins violently and senselessly killed her. Haskins later admitted at a nearby bar that he killed the goose. Thanks to an anonymous tip through Nashville Crime Stoppers, police tracked Hasking down and arrested him.

Source: WKRN News 2/YouTube

According to WKRN, when investigators questioned Haskins about the incident, he admitted that he struck and killed the poor goose. He was booked into Metro Jail on a $3,000 bond. For more about this case, press play on the video below. Rest in peace, sweet goose.

Source: WKRN News 2/YouTube