Brandon Turnbow was out riding his motorcycle in his hometown of Texas when he saw something that made his blood boil. An innocent little dog was being abused on the side of the highway. He watched in his rear view mirror as the dog’s owner threw the pup into the air and drove off. Well, this was one biker who wasn’t just going to sit by and watch that happen without doing something about it.

First, he rescued the little guy and adopted him. Brandon already had a dog, named Harley, so naturally, his newest furbaby got named Mr. Davidson. He’s Brandon’s co-pilot, and also the inspiration for Baaang (Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global), a movement started by Brandon to spread awareness and help abused animals.

Finally, Brandon wrote a song dedicated to Mr. Davidson and all the four-legged bikers out there, many of whom have been rescued by their awesome humans. Here’s the song and the tribute to biker dogs everywhere.

Brandon is, quite simply, our kind of guy.