When we enter this world, we are never alone. Our parents or caretakers are there to make sure we are okay. But sometimes terrible things happen. For this poor puppy, he was on his own and in dire condition.

The sick puppy sought comfort in a plastic bag on the side of the street. He crawled inside of it to protect him from the sun and to conceal him from the world. The world, to someone young and in pain, is a scary place. But he wasn’t going to be on his own for long.

The heroes from Animal Aid arrived on the scene after a caring passerby called them. The man who phoned was on his way home from work when he heard the dog cry.

One rescuer brought some dog biscuits and put them by the puppy. When he tried to touch him through the bag, the puppy screamed. To see something so small and helpless in this much pain was heartwrenching.

Thankfully, hunger got the best of him and the puppy emerged. He was riddled with mange causing his fur to fall out. He also had an injured hind leg.

The puppy was picked up, carefully, and taken to the Animal Aid sanctuary. The medical team didn’t hesitate. He was given pain medication so the poor baby didn’t have to suffer any longer.

The vet realized that his pain mostly stemmed from a deep wound on his hip. They irrigated the wound then put numbing antibiotic salve on it. That would make him feel so much better and treat any infection. He already felt so much better!

The next step was to give the puppy a medicated bath for his mange. This would be his new ritual. This type of mange can be treated; it just has to be treated diligently or it won’t resolve. Animal Aid volunteers happily give medicated baths to all their animals with mange and those baths work miracles.

After six weeks of medical care, baths, and lots of TLC, the puppy– now named Jumper– made a miraculous recovery. WOW! Check the little boy out now! >> Click To Continue Reading This Story

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